Friday, March 13, 2015

Impending Popped College Debt Bubble

People dream of receiving an American education to further their job prospects, gain some well needed wisdom, or to continue in the footsteps of a family member. We continue to hear about the rising cost of higher education and the disconnect this tends to bring the middle class American household. College costs are fucking outrageous.

Living in East Lansing, Michigan, the home of Michigan State University, the cost of higher education is around $450 per credit hour. Multiply that by the average 12-16 credit hours taken by a full time students. You're looking at over $11,000 for a Fall/Spring semesters worth of classes. Most American families have a hard time sending one child to college, imagine 3 or 4. But there's hope with community college and saving a lot of money. Lansing Community College is only $85 per credit hour and you might even see the same professors there. These are the numbers and they grow every year. So, how does the average student pay for classes.


In 2015, college debt has already surpassed 1 trillion dollars. The inevitable pop is bound to happen in my lifetime and that's a scary thought. 2008's downward spiral of the world economy is still having ramifications to this day. The news may tell you consistent growth month over month is happening and that unemployment is lower than ever before. Sure, with low paying jobs, the highest incarceration rate in the world, and the least skilled millennials waiting to take charge. Even with a degree, I know people still at home making less than most who work in retail. This all sounds like the end is coming, but a tide of changes to policies and regulations would have to happen on Capitol Hill. 

I'm not holding my breath on that one.

The impending fuckstorm could kill the institution that is supposed to train the workforce to live the "American Dream". Colleges are already receiving minimal government assistance while Nike & Adidas cut checks to your local colleges Athletic Department. What we might be witnessing is the full privatization of all colleges once the loans stop since no one is even making minimum payments. Unable to clear student loans with bankruptcy will have paychecks being held until the debt is paid off. Loans will become hard to come by like in the housing crisis, millions will be unable to attend a school of their choice, and colleges will certainly lose on enrollments. This could bring vocational schooling into the spotlight or hell who knows, colleges might lower their tuition to sustain enrollments. There's a future of uncertainty is a country that's dealing with so much change in the social, economic, and political climate. 

This conversation is far from being over, but why don't we start talking about. At least to prepare for what is bound to come. Sweeping things under the rug or kicking the can is what America loves to do. The same thing we've done with racism and see where that's gotten us. 

Can't really stop thinking about this as I go to school, but at least I know to do it sans loans. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

1st 2015 Posts

So to those who still give a fuck what I'm posting on here, thanks for reading. Have debated getting rid of this site, but in the meantime, I'll be transforming the blog into more than just my ideal world and what makes me tick. 

Getting more pictures out there from my past European adventures and making the site look less 1995 HTML will be the first step. Almost becoming a caricature of myself lately has just given me a chance to take a step back and put things in perspective before going off the deep end. (Not suicide just deep depression - mental illness is real!). But instead of wallowing, going to just keep this upbeat mood I've been having and give a nice fuck you to those attempting to bring me down. 

This posts is just more of an update to those reading. I know I still have friends in different parts of the world that wonder "what the fuck is Curtis Chude up to". Simple answer - nothing new at all. New job came my way at the end of December, but currently don't know how long that may last. So, I'm continuing to look for a job that I enjoy and appreciates what I have to offer. At 28, I've just started to think of what purpose do I have in the world. I'm going to put my best foot forward. Working 9-5 at a job that barely pays the bills is not my style. 

So here's to 2015. Continuing to crack at the German language, more traveling, and save up to buy a home somewhere in the US. The Midwest may finally see the last of my black ass.

Fuck the haters and be true to yourself.

Twitter: @cr8zofbombs 
IG: curtis_chude_

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grinding and Tindering Through Social Dating Apps

Tinder, Grindr, And There's More Of These Apps Just Waiting For Your Facebook or Email Address.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Music: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1

When I first heard the queen named Lorde would be curating the original soundtrack, I thought this could be interesting. Songs that you can have weird hand dance moves to and haunted by noises you didn't know your ears could hear. After listening to the soundtrack, it's a mix of everything. The opening track (Meltdown) features Stromae, Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip and HAIM. When you read that line up for a single track it's easy to go WTF! But it works, especially when you think of it in terms of The Hunger Games. If you scrapped the original score, you could get a little hyped while Katniss is blowing the shit out of things. Lorde might have been around Kanye a bit from the influences of tracks and it's arrangement, but he's a genius right?

Kanye makes an appearance by Yeezus-ifying Flicker. Even though he has no vocals, you can feel the presence of post-Graduation Kanye in collaboration with Lorde.

Major Lazer aka Diplo aka Bubble Butt even makes an appearance on the soundtrack with Ariana Grande. Sounds like the drum machine and samples were recorded in a African safari, but Diplo can do no wrong. The track is a getaway and could set off your next house paint party.

When's the last time you heard a Chemical Brothers song? If you enjoyed Push The Button with Q-Tip, you'll love This Is Not A Game featuring Miguel. Lorde even haunts the track with "There It Is" and the drops are the chilling sound of a charge of an industrialized army invading your town.

Most of these tracks may not get radio play, but who gives a fuck. Go to your local record store, buy, and hear Tove Lo, Charli XCX, CHURCHES, and many more with brand new tracks for your enjoyment.


Check out the theme song by Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Being Healthy And Your Happiness

Asking the why's about your fitness level can uncover the answer to your weight problems as well as your happiness level. By taking most of this year to figure out how my body interacts with certain foods, with or without alcohol, and gym activity, I have come closer than ever to unlocking the answer to achieving optimal health.  Unlocking what works also will translate to how you feel day to day and can help reduce depression, stress, and also your waistline.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Redefining Black

All my life, I never took offense to the line "your the whitest black guy I know". It's as if the way I carry myself and the way I talk should be your typical Ebonics slang speaking thug that is portrayed in today's urban city society. Since seeing all the racial cases making it's way to American media, from Fergusun to how we treat the commander in chief, when a slight mistake may come about (Obama's Coffee Salute). It makes me wonder, why is being black such a topic of controversy when it's negative.

I grew up in a household where education was sought after by my parents, immigrants from Nigeria trying to make the best for their children. But it was see as I do in my eyes and not my parents sitting my down and making homework be the number one priority. I found it upon myself to do all the homework and seek 4.0's to make my parents proud. (Something I still I haven't been able to accomplish). I was bullied by my own siblings simply cause I made them look bad academically. English and writing were my favorite classes. Speaking and learning how to pronounce big words and grammar was the best thing since sliced bread. Kids usually going to school in Detroit aren't fans of homework or school for the matter. The bullying went beyond home and into the playground. Adding the chubby kid factor. Couldn't ride a bike, shoot a basket, or do "cool" things didn't help the situation. But my love for technology and computers was my getaway. Learning how to 56K my way to the Internet. Read the news, look at stocks, and order shoes online (Eastbay from catalogs to the internet ) was simply amazing for an 8 year old. You try installing Windows 3.1 with floppy disks at home and upgrading your local church's computers to Windows 98 SE. Not your typical black kid living off 7 Mile Rd and Hoover in Detroit.

Once I moved to the suburbs and realized my parents could care less about if I did my homework when I asked for help, it was easy to begin hanging out with the wrong crowd. I still enjoyed theater, football, and student government, but I felt I was invincible. No need to study or take things seriously. Things will fall into place after high school and i'll be fucking rich. Almost 8 years in community college and I've barely hit enough credits to be a sophomore. I started drinking, smoking weed with cool kids, and staying out till sunrise. Having my brother's ID helped getting into bars and supplying my friends even easier.

Not all was lost. It was at 18 I discovered traveling and flew off to Amsterdam for Spring Break while everyone else was heading to Cancun for a tan and fucking the girls of Cousino High School. I learned very early that life is not cookie cutter. Still the stereotypes of a black man always followed. Just because I walked the streets late at night, police being called cause I fit a description or being pulled over constantly where I had registration and driver's license ready as soon as the lights came on. I wasn't 100% innocent either. Driving on a suspended, expired plates, and even getting my car repossessed eventually. In that regard, I fit the right black man characteristics. Eventually getting myself in enough trouble at 19 to see a jail cell twice and now a felon. But still I make myself worthy enough by learning new computer languages, continue writing (blogging), and putting myself in awkward situations to ask questions. I've seen a lot of cool shit and made friends along the way.

Being black doesn't have to be constantly feeling oppressed and blaming someone else for your faults. Black people need to take some kind of responsibility for the state we're in. Yes, it's easy to fall into society's equilibrium  or lack there of. People throughout history had to provoke change and be heard. People may look at protests of a white cop shooting an unarmed black teen as racial, but it goes beyond that. We have yet to talk about racism, our polarized education system, and our crumbling urban neighborhoods. Listening to the other side is what black people aren't doing and having dialogue that doesn't lead right to anger. Not to say we haven't moved forward, but we have a long way to go.

I'm going to continue to be that token black guy, but I'll embrace it and show people there's no reason we can't all get along. Even in this new chapter of my life, I'm learning that I have to be a voice of reason. We can't continue to call people faggots and think it's ok because were among friends. Even saying the word within gay circles is the same thing like black people saying nigga to each other. I'll go ahead and continue being black, which means being myself and showing people there's more to it than what we've been taught to believe. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Seems like new posts are a rarity when it comes to me giving you my inner most personal thoughts on my views on an array of topics. Didn't see this as the most appropriate outlet for me to say what's on my mind, but when I have over 10,000 views and 300 just these past few weeks, I wonder if I'm getting punked or if I should give an update more frequently.

I attempted uploading pictures from my latest trip onto my blog last time around in July. The speeds in Croatia weren't the best for uploading tons of pictures and I just felt like I was boasting then sharing.

I haven't shared a lot of things since I've been seeking to know who I am and where I am going. Seems like I can't make up my mind to stay in America or just leave for Europe. But is that just a cop out on all the things I still have yet to do here. Not to say that I can't just book a flight and travel when I want to (or can afford to), but would moving really solve anything. I think I'll know the answer in due time.

The other small thing in my life the last few months was discovering my sexual orientation. After years of being straight, bi, curious, discreet, jock, athletic, top, bottom (learning new terms everyday still), I decided to share with my family and closest friends that I was gay. It didn't seem like a big deal to come out since I've pretty much known for quite sometime. The fear was how I'd be treated even though nothing had changed about me the person. Hiding from the obvious fact that has been lingering for a few years just wasn't what I was about. Being truthful to myself involves also being true to the people around me. It's easy for me to shun people out, not stand up for small battles, or simply just ignore everything and go into hiding. By coming out, it allowed me to do more self exploring. Asking myself questions that I once would shy away from. I don't expect to answer all the  questions of life so easily, but the conversation has at least begun and really the only thing I can do is move on with life and explore it for what it is. I can not be afraid of who I am and stand out from the crowd of many. Being unique by creating, learning, and changing the world like I said when I was at a very young age.

Since life isn't easy, I won't take take the easy road. Going back to pursuing my education on a more full time basis, continuing my iOS projects, and being an entrepreneur are only going to shape me to better position myself. I've managed to meet people from all over the world and see the world that they live in. Feeling that I must follow a certain route to success and appease a certain few that want me to strive for a circle of crowded dreamers will have to be left to those who seek to think small. I've always gone my own way and will continue to do so. Fear might have shielded me from full potential, but I won't let it consume me.