What Happened To Casual Sex?

It's late, your at the bar, and meeting someone to take home or get to know a little bit better has become a social awkwardness that no one wants to get there selves into. The bars have become loud with annoying pop music, too many dudes, and the majority of the people on Facebook or texting. Learning more about people in a social environment is out the window. Sure, most people can't dance or need the liquid courage to get their mojo going, but what happened to rejection?

We have now grown into a social networking addiction and speaking through technology instead of in person. Online courage is more relevant than talking to someone face to face. The late night booty call has now become a sext away. This is detrimental to our health if we don't get the balls to break the ice. Sex is human nature, so blue balls or not satisfaction leads to snippy people. We're already seeing sites like and the personal ads on craigslist be the alternative to getting sex with strangers.

Changing this new social norm will have to incorporate less fucking smartphones and more average dudes getting laid by decent looking females. My message to women would be to give us guys a chance. I know your shit can't be that good to spend money on for months before even getting a little something. For the fellas, the metrosexual phase is over. Now that you have your Gucci bag, how about actually talking to females and not your group of dudes that aren't going to help your lack of female interaction out unless you swing the other way.

Rejection is one life's great gifts, but staying persistent can bring great outcomes. Like the chick at the bar with a new pair of D's.

Keep Raging.

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