The Days Mend Together

So the summer in East Lansing is finally about to come under way and I am so happy to see the winter cold go away and the return of long legs and boy shorts walk up and down Grand River.

Word has been going around that The Post of East Lansing will be closing up shop soon which is hard to believe after having some good times Wednesday Night. The bar was crowded but drinks were flowing and the beats were perfect. Less pop nonsense and more that good ol' hip hop. My best friend Jim from Cali came into town and ripped the town like he usually does. I feel like my wild days are at a close, but nothing wrong with getting shitty now and then. As I was out at the patio at The Post and watching people walk down Albert St - I saw so many old friends still in EL and trying to finish up their undergrad. I guess it takes people to see how others successes could eventually be theirs.

Last night after work and a 40 minute 100MPH drive to Novi, I went and saw Iron Man 2. The Best Buy crew met up for an Intel/Dell Sponsored showing. They gave away some prizes, but of course none of us won. At least I caught a big summer flick at no expense. The United Artists movie theatre in Novi is one of the last 35mm theaters in Michigan and it was very apparent. Digital Cinema definitely took over about two years ago and man is the picture so much better. The movie itself was sick with action and a good story line. In no way did it match its predecessor, but all in all a good time at the cinema.

Well it's off to the rest of my day. Work in the retail, then partying the night away in East Lansing.

Stay Thirsty My Friends.

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