And I Run....I Run So Far Away

So I need to fess up to my addiction that I have taken up this summer....Running.

Well not really running more of a jog but quicker. I decided to start running couple weeks back and cut my alcohol intake and re evaluate my food choices. I didn't think it would stick with me but I've been getting into this running thing hardcore.
Not even a month in and I've already shed more than 20 lbs. I'm not even starving myself. But 20+ miles a week would probably do that to a person.
Lifestyle change is the best thing to do for people that are trying to lose weight I feel like. Diets are in deed diets and they'll fade away. I'm not selling this shit, but for those who might want some inspiration. Get off your fat ass, eat some raw foods and some Subway and you'll probably start shedding the el beez.

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