Apple Mania!

I wonder if I'm the only one so really struck in this iPhone craze that is happening with the new phone. Apple has indeed made a great phone, but with so many restrictions. I could babble about the AT&T network, but that actually works great in this area - so no harm there. But features such as FaceTime can't be used on the 3G Network and Skype Video Chat is not going to be able to work cause of Apple's restrictions on the iOS4 platform. I'll let the dust settle for a while before I go ahead and get the new iPhone - my 3G is good enough on the T-Mobile network.

Next - Apple finally upgraded the Mac Mini. This looks like one sexy fucking machine. It has HDMI which is great to hook up to the TV. I'm thinking about picking one of these up come Fall so I can browse the web, download movies, and be social all on my TV.
Check it out here

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