Increase Knowledge, Build Strength

Many of us are trying to take each day as another great stride in working a great job and living the American dream. But are we really happy or just faking it knowing in the back of our heads that 'I deserve better than this'. You would be lying if I didn't just state the obvious about why your life sucks. It happens to all of us and then we realize what makes us happy. Money is easy to get when you work hard at it, but is it only the money we seek or the pursuit of happiness.
Started to take this issue to heart to think where the fuck am I really going with this whole life thing. Caught in the middle right now with college and working all the time. Constant cycle of bullshit and work. An old saying I remember from the United Negro College Fund telling us the Knowledge is Power and the mind is a terrible thing to waste or something like that, but the more I start to put some knowledge in my head about how the world works, it's history, then mic in the bullshit knowledge of fantasy and we might have an intelligent human being. By me knowing a lot of cool shit and some intelligent shit - you are better than the uneducated and if you think America is one of the smartest - guess again. We constantly want the shit to make our lives easier, but a book is still cool. No believe me, books are making a come back. Look at Harry Potter and Twilight ( shit I don't read) were first BOOKS. The only ones that are actually making America want to read again are technology companies - Amazon's Kindle, the iPad.
Do you get what I'm saying here - pick up a fucking book and learn something new today. It could be totally unnecessary or it could be something that sparks interest. Either way knowing a lot is great - be a know it all, talk about stupid shit. The Internet will be here when you get back - trust me.

Farmville - stupid. The Declaration of Independence - Kind of Important.

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