I'm A Loser Baby...

Summer is wrapping up very quickly and that means that most of us will start hitting the books. It looks like I'l be taking a different learning curve for the semester. Going to focus on paying some heavy debt that's been sitting on my shoulder for some years now. Not going to let a terrible mind go to waste though. Have a couple months to finally finish my computer certifications. Might not help my 4 year degree, but will give me better placement in the job market.

Summer hasn't ended just yet and the campus of MSU has certainly showed it's true colors in the past couple of days with the partying downtown, the freshman showing up to parties clueless, and the random scroll to the almighty McDonalds at 3am. I've had my share the fun going around, but keeping it safe with no alcohol consumption, but it definitely makes the night a little bit more interesting.

Went and saw T.I. and Ludacris kill the stage in Mt. Pleasant last night. It was an 'alright' energy from the crowd. I felt that a lot of people wanted to hear the radio hits and there were seats instead of a general admission floor which just made it non Hip Hop. It was sweet to catch these two rip the stage though. Luda emphasizes his words to get a hook which I've realized he's more popular than dirty south nowadays. T.I. is still reppin his hood after being in prison. Paper Trail was a hit album so I thought T.I. would have a bigger showing.

Well, the months have turned into weeks - September 20th. Catch The Journey

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