I'm Alone
Is there anyone that can hear my voice cry among the heavens to find salvation in a world that has lost it's humanity.
The touch of another for support in times of dire need.
Have we seem to have lost the dignity and respect that once brought us great voices.
I speak for those in challenge and seeking exit in troubled times.
Will death solve this hate monarchy against feelings of love and humility.
I'm Alone
I seek vengeance and retribution for the hungry and the poor.
My hand extended, my other hand the feeling the pulse of someone's heartache.
Some rise to the occasion of breathing that air of life into someone's lonely existence.
But quiet whispers among ourselves in the light of our differences.
I'm Alone
Express yourself in the way your creator intended.
Speak loud when those against you challenge your actions.
Only we can change the perception of the injustice that has overpowered our media centric embellished minds.
Speak for one. Speak for yourself. Speak.
We are all alone.

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