East Lansing meets Five Guys

So, time has started to pass and students have begun to dig into Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the new burger joint based in the D.C. area and has started to makes its way across the U.S.. On opening day, the line could be seen going out onto the sidewalks of East Lansing. There was much buzz about the place around campus that led to a fantastic opening. Now the question lies...Will it last?

This town has seen so many restaurants come and go, especially when summer hits and East Lansing becomes a ghost town.

So my experience at Five Guys was amazing. Let's start with the menu - very simple. Hamburger,Sandwiches,Hot Dogs, and Fries. Don't forget to load up on all those free toppings. (Love the jalopeƱos). And with your order of fries you get another batch of fries that hit the bottom of your brown bag. Oil leakage never felt so good.

The burger in itself is very fresh and those toppings make it so damn good. But what differentiates this burger from anything else. Truthfully, the burger is so-so, but the toppings, the freshness of raw red meat being prepared right in front of you and the staff preparing your personal masterpiece makes the fresh flavors dive into your mouth and leave a taste like no other.

The price is kinda steep, but we live in a ever rising cost-to-living situation so its expected. You can leave there with a nice burger and fries for about 9 bucks. Which after you eat was well worth it. Did I mention the free peanuts?

Five Guys is a great place to meet up with you friends for good food and good conversations. Not an everyday burger joint for the college budget, but keeps the fans of this franchise wanting more after every bite.

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