Ne-Yo's Libra Scale

Ne-Yo's fourth solo effort brings Ne-Yo's sexy and classy style from his previous efforts into a solid R&B album that gives props to women all over from a man's perspective. One In A Million, the 2nd single from the album, mixes a nice drum beat with synthesizers gives a smooth jazz feel and Ne-Yo croons on the record with brief whispers of expression mid way.

Beautiful Monster was a sleeper hit for Ne-Yo as the track leaked late Spring and has been gaining momentum in clubs all over the country. This is kind of a new sound for Ne-Yo, where dance beats and techno grooves bring the song into this aura of mixed pop,r&b, and dance perfection.

Throughout the album it is hard to not recognize the Michael Jackson resemblance that Ne-Yo possesses. Ne-Yo penned several tracks for the late Pop Icon before his untimely death in August of 2009.

Another single to hit the airwaves, Champagne Life, is in classic Ne-Yo form. Doesn't miss the high notes when singing about the life of no troubles amid all that is going on in the world today. This is a favorite of mine as it does what R&B music is meant to do, take you away and groove the night away with the finest looking lady in the place.

As the album slows down, the bedroom songs begin to give the album a more sensual and sexual feel to make ladies feel like Ne-Yo is giving is all right next to them. Telekinesis is a very slow record that is sure to offer satisfaction to a lot of listeners in favor of the love-making R&B that lost it's streak in the late 90's.

Overall, this record gives a very eclectic artistic vision of a ever progressive music icon. Ne-Yo uses his songwriting skills to make us feel sexy, dance, and lose ourselves in songs about being infatuated with the attractive female gazing from a distance.

Libra Scale hits stores November 22.

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