Undertones of Hate

America has had a long battle in the matter of social problems and in the last decade it has escalated to a higher degree with each group that desires to be known as an equal by it own government. Since the end of segregation, blacks have felt that though we are desegregated, there is a still a sense of racism that exists. This is true, but does it mean that we must still harp on those days or move on. Politicians have tried to overcome these objections with 'rising' the black folk into a force that can not be reckoned with, but what does that really prove. As a black man in America, I have since let the thoughts of racism and the comments of ignorance take me into a rage of violence or nonsense speech. It's best for a people to move as one than in groups.

Moving towards the 21st century the rise in equality has grown stronger. With a mixed president in office, you would think that we have moved on from such propaganda of hate we saw in the 50's and 60's, but that isn't the case. The undertones of such radical behavior still can be seen each day, but ignored by most. The recent suicide of Tyler Clementi made me think of how equal are we in this country compared to others. Seems like Europeans just let those around them be as they are without questioning their faith, race, or sexual orientation. It's still hard to believe that a country that prides itself on being free still can't accept someone just because they decide to have a girlfriend/boyfriend of the same sex. Granted, the idea of sex between the same sex just takes us back as a crime against humanity. Since it not being the norm, that's expected. Sex aside, have we thought of how these people are as human beings without judging first.

Mr. Clementi was a quiet, smart student that was outed as a homosexual, which later led to his suicide. Since the conversation of being who you are and those around you accepting who you are has not been a conversation Americans can have, we will continue to these kind of predicaments - either in death or in violence.

Even though the day of total equality and peace will never come in mine or my children's lifetime, it will only take the voice of a global community to change a world still lacking in social justice.

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