I'mma Let You Finish, But...

Kanye West has made the best album of 2010. Not talking about singles or radio hits - but ALBUM. My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy is probably Kanye West's best production and best lyrical album since Late Registration. The album's fuse of rock, classical, pop, and hip hop is beautifully done for listening pleasure from all music lovers no matter what genre is their favorite. Mr. West has put himself in his own category with this one which is unique for any artists to pull of nowadays. You might hate him as a person, but this man is a music genius.

The album opens up with Nicki Minaj in a british accent followed by the easy listening hip hop beat with Kanye laying out a flow that only he could pull off. Kid CuDi, another G.O.O.D Music artists, is featured on the throwback-esque Gorgeous, which you can hear the grainy Mr. West pour out his classic flow in a kind of cheap microphone sound.

As the album progresses, some of the tracks have already been available for free at, but with some new verses from featured artists and more instrumental drops, you get a feel this is not your normal hip-hop album. The star studded cast on All Of The Lights and Monster let's you know that Kanye doesn't mind sharing the spotlight every once in a while. These tracks are filled with horns, drums, great samples, and some of the best lyrical flows in music that have started to die out with the gaining popularity of Pop-Hop.

With the purchase of the Deluxe Edition, you get the Kanye West directed film Runaway, which brings a more visual aspect of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The film also includes the title track Runaway which when at it's debut at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards was thought to be so-so has turned into an anthem at night clubs everywhere. The signature piano introduction is more drawn out on the album and towards the end of the track, Kanye West turns his voice to the vocalizer with a guitar like sound expressing his emotions to the very end.

For all of the 808 haters, Lost In The World, might make you think twice. This track is explosive from beginning to end with Kanye delivering, what he says, is his "best verse he has ever written". You start to get a feel that this man is the real deal no matter what people think of him or what he thinks of himself.

If your one to torrent all your albums and only purchase a select few, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is one to add to your collection. The Runaway short film included with the Deluxe edition is worth the the money and might change your perception of Kanye West.

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