Missing Communication

Blogging, twitter, Facebook, livejournal, myspace, foursquare - the Internet revolution of social networking and 'communication'. Some may call these the innovations that crippled the way we communicate even though it keeps us in touch. Analyzing your daily pokes or tweets will leave you stunned on what the breakdown really is. Human interaction.

From the time I was a child until mid high school, I was always outside enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass and getting physical in sports that taught me the groundwork for being a team player, respecting one another, and the aspect of what a friend is. I found myself being encouraged to pursue football, debate, theatre, and other social engaging activities. Happiness was more present in those days too.

Giving young people the room to grow into what they want to be instead of their parents ideology is what makes us unique. Becoming comfortable with only giving so much of ourselves is detrimental to expanding the human mind. Even if accomplishments can not be seen or felt in monetary value, making those goals and pursuing them with or without defeat is key in learning about ourselves.

Now in my mid-20's, I look back during these times of being 'stuck' looking for what will drive me forward. It's a very complicated feat to take on, but essentially that communication link is missing the most. I've done things in my life that make some question their trust in me or might look at me differently if they knew what my beliefs are, but without letting people in or even writing those feelings down on paper - I'm lost. I'm sure that if we all analyzed our highs and lows we could manage situations differently and result in more positive outcomes.

I'm down right now with :10 left in OT, but strategically I know I have the upper hand, so don't cut me out.

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