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A new documentary analyzing the education system in America and it's effects on our well beings as Americans in a heart wrenching, bleak, optimistic, and powerful film. I am already a fan of documentaries, so seeing this was just waiting for the film to open in the Lansing area. Only few movies that have a public precedence makes it to this area. It's only showing was at 10:50am, which in college time is pretty early.

Waiting For Superman follows several school children and their families going through the education system as Davis Guggenheim gives us facts and interviews with playmakers in the new education system mold. I was very surprised how much influence major world leaders have on education. So many steps are shown to the public as if we're focusing more on education more than ever. It's just the same rhetoric that previous presidencies promised before.

The hardest thing to watch in this film were the kids in all of this. Seeing how much they enjoy school, but have no one to listen to them and to push them in the direction towards success. One family living in the suburbs of California were documented as they attempted to not go through the traditional public school system, even though the money was widely available in their school district. Failures among America's school system do not have a color line, but more of an economic one. Looking further into the films meaning, you can solve America's social problems by fixing education.

I started to look back at my own education and started to realize why my current school situation is not unique only to myself. You'll see in the film at why middle class Americans give up since there is no "Superman" to save them. Getting rid if jobs and creating careers seems to be what we are missing in an age of economic clout. Even though we believe that the jobs are gone, the truth is we don't have enough people obtaining an education in fields creating new innovative jobs everyday.

I would like for everyone to see this film as it's a huge eye opener to a flawed and corrupt system that is undermining the way we as Americans can become an intelligent task force like we once were. We have the power to change our country. We hear it all the time, but believing your voice can reform anything in this country is key.

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