4x4 Equals...

, the new album from world renowned DJ deadmau5 was released 12.7.10 and my ears can not stop enjoying the beat. deadmau5 became popular state-side with the hit "Moar Ghosts N Stuff", but people who are familiar with his style know this guy is no ordinary DJ. The persistent beats, fusions of sound, and whirling fades make for awesome tracks. 4x4=12 is the first artist album by deadmau5 and he does not disappoint. Following the likes of euro-pop invasion successors Tiesto and David Guetta, Canadian born deadmau5 is on track to become your favorite DJ at a club near you, if he hasn't already. Tracks from this album have been in the wild for sometime now, but not officially mastered or mixed. The finished product makes for great listen even in the car - where you can find me dancing almost most of the time.

"Sofi Needs A Ladder" brings the main stage of club songs mainstream. The cartoonish voice of Sofi over the track is quirky, but kind of sexy. You could almost imagine yourself in a room of L.E.D green lights and bodies feeling each other's energy.

"Cthulhu Sleeps" is another track showing the skills of deadmau5. The song starts it's build up and unleashes it's transformation with whomping swirls and pragmatic alarms. This track is sure to awaken any crowd that's left standing on the dance floor. In true deadmau5 fashion, it always leaves you wanting more and this 10 minute serenade is no different.

Check out "Raise Your Weapon" and "A City In Florida" if you decide not to pick up this album for some reason. I'm sure the tracks I've mentioned will leave your feet wanting more.


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