Is This What We Wanted?

We Lost Ourselves

Seems like most Americans have forgotten the loyalty factor that used to live within us everyday. From the way we treat each other to the way businesses now conduct customer service. Every now and then we hear the leader of the free world trying to encourage us to do great things and to reignite the lost spirits of the Reagan years. As the world has become smaller, we have started to step back instead of stepping forward in becoming united. You can look at Congress for the perfect example. Our pocketbooks are lined with secrets to bring one good fortune and reject the majority. Born classless by the way you look or talk before given opportunity leads to crime with no guidance in shown the way we can all reach prosperity.

Religious Movement Ahead

The Muslim faith is growing and some can not embrace it since the Middle East gave birth to those who committed horrific crimes on 9/11. It happened. Let's move on. Pure hate of Muslims is resembling the hate whites had against blacks not that long ago. Hating someone for who they are is wrong and we have heard it a million times, but how about we try to discover our indifferences to learn more about them. We would see that we are eerily similar. From the very streets of NYC where the towers fell, you can see all different kinds of people work with each other to reach an overall goal. It's the differences that make us stronger and unique.


The American business has seemed to have lost hope in its own country as almost all calls are now routed to third world countries getting pennies compared to what the average American thinks they're pay should be in a time when a job is as good as gets. There is no reason to get angry about the language barrier calls between you and your credit card company because we are the ones who created this level of customer service. Profits before service has now made the retail world seem like a lost hope in relations with it's buyer while on the other hand the rich get richer. People are no longer happy to work at their job since the compensation does not represent their hard work if they put it in. It may be cheaper for big businesses to export our jobs, but what we are now looking at is a world of who's on top and who's on the bottom. The middle class is now wondering how they will ever be able to gain the American Dream once again.


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