A World In Need Of A Revolution

The land of the free in contrast to the land of the unknown brings sharp differences to light in a world where we would like to be seen united as one. The uprising of people in the Middle East, specifically Egypt, has opened ears and eyes to a country sheltered by it's own government.

A controlled democratic power that exists in our own backyard is seen as a hope when things grow awry and a masked machine when too much is taken. Instead of a revolution of words and intelligence, the social norm is to wait for the inevitable and seek a new leader to drastically change a slow operation of reform. Seeing is believing as Mr. Obama has entered the world as it's free world leader, but the loud chants of change are far from reality.

People will always want change and more freedom, since this is in our nature to do as we please without the constraints of another's rules. A mind full of dreams being constantly bombarded with the ideology of living within four walls will eventually seek it's vengeance on capitalism, injustice, and freedom.

It's easy to say the only thing keeping us away from our hopes and dreams is ourselves, but that sentiment is false in the eyes of those who have struggled their way to the top. Experiencing denial and overcoming life's hardship leads to speaking up for themselves and their peers to create a small revolt. The more people following this ideology in small groups can create change without big media behind them.

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