Adele: From 19 to 21

She is vocal, soulful and sultry. Listening for every age group in a saturated music climate.

Adele's follow up album, 21, takes you on a journey of life with every song and even leaves some surprises for even her American listeners. It wasn't too long ago Chasing Pavements was all over Adult Contemporary radio and Adele starting to gain steam in the states. Straight from England, Adele has been one of the many artists starting to migrate to a worldwide audience. Surprising to also hear her on Daniel Merriweather's albumLove & War, (another young lad making waves) which was a step back into the Motown days mixed with a nice mix of 808's.

21 is filled with more instruments than synthesizers and you won't catch Auto-Tune making an appearance. Take a step away from American pop and catch a true vocalist at work.

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