Closing The Year

2011 is now passing in a year felt by many as suffering since money dried up and expectations in the workplace rose to keep a job. Once the fun went away and productivity became the name of the game, people started panicking.

The good of 2011 came from the simple idea of friendship. Surrounding ourselves with people that have your back or help when the calling came.

This year for me was an interesting one. Keep a resolution alive to not drink or treat myself to the occasional ganja smoke. Started back with school to learn that it's not easy, but the fight is not won in the 1st round. Work became full of responsibilities and learning how to differentiate friends from coworkers.

So what to look forward to in 2012.
Flying across the world to gather insight on the globe.
Continuing my education without procrastination.
Living a more healthy lifestyle ( no more late night binge eating:/ )
And opening my mind to something bigger than this...bigger than me.

Happiness is just a smile away.

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