Less Spin On The Positive

So you lost your job. Sucks. There's a new life that is about to be brought into a world of such uncertainty. You and your partner for life have no clue what's next. Watching CNN only makes the news more grave. But how about thinking of the upside. While not being in the best economic times of your young lives, your still alive. Getting back up only takes risks and pursuing your goals. 

When's the last time someone has told this story?

We've set our sights on exposing the apocalyptic future of ourselves. And for what reason? There's being happy with what you have and balancing your happiness with a more scaled back lifestyle.
Do we all really think we'll be rolling in the dough for the rest of our lives. Since when has what you have seen from celebrities been a realistic pursuit for your own life? Let's get back down to earth and just live our own lives.
Money has NO value. We make it have value. It's paper. Simple as that. Does it get you more power? Sure. More respect? I suppose so. But does it change the person you are - only if you let it.

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