Why The World Is Over As We Now Know It

Life is perplexed. Sometimes irrational. We are now entering a time where only the strongest survive. The new song says it perfectly "You Can Go Hard or You Can Go Home". I've started to look at my life as one big adventure with no set direction, but with a solid foundation. We will never be able to live in bliss if we do not do what we love first. Money could solve a lot of my issues, but can it cure depression, loneliness, or the lack of rich friends.

I sometimes ponder at the thought of how some people are going to grow old in this new world. Expecting the world to fall on your lap and for opportunities to just come about. People wishing that weed was legal and the government is out to get them. What most fail to realize is that we created this society.

Just because you can directly change one's mind on the laws that are passed doesn't mean that you can't indirectly put into affect change. Settling for polished rubbish doesn't make things better.

If Iran were to grab hold of nuclear power, are we going to start a war because of it. A bit hypocritical for a country with so many nukes. Is it logical to continue a war in Afghanistan that has killed and brainwashed our youth. No. But I'm not here to gain any popularity points from the words I put in front of you. I just want to say, the party's over. We must now grow up, make smart decisions, and change the way we govern ourselves. The next election is just another day that only a third of the country decides for all of us.
There's a better way.

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