How Looking At Waste Could Save Us All

Madonna may have made it clear of her "Material Girl" status back in the 1980's, but is having everything really desirable. After Americans have felt the reality of overspending mixed with overcompensation, now we must attempt to save all we earn to purchase the goods that meet our desires. But how have we really changed our spending habits or have we just shifted our money to other things.

There are nearly 300 million people in America. 40% of those people have no savings accounts. And the average family account has $3800. so the vast of us know we are just living paycheck to paycheck. This leads into becoming comfortable at a certain point in our lives. But for those that seek to have more money, we must first look at what were spending our money on.

Disposable cheap items, restaurants, and bad debt seems to overcome most of us. We have yet to realize that the college degree we spent fortunes on, has to be paid back. Instead of slowing down our lives, we work to make ends meet. Seeing the dollar stretch and expecting whatever necessities we purchase to be indestructible is the thought process I'm seeing in retail everyday.

The days where I once saw people excited to go into work Monday morning are gone. But it doesn't have to be. The best way to find happiness and wealth is to evaluate how you live your life now and the mistakes we've made time and time again. Eventually, it's time to grow up.

We are not perfect, but you can take a look at your reflection and begin to work at the emotional imperfections. There's happiness there.

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