Grinding and Tindering Through Social Dating Apps

Tinder, Grindr, And There's More Of These Apps Just Waiting For Your Facebook or Email Address.

Millennials are faced with trying to appease their parents by going to college, paying for it, and maintaining a social life. We all want more time to ourselves and feel a social connection. And some of us just want to get lucky. We are human aren't we?

Social dating apps seem cool and a quick way to meet your next Brad Pitt or Kate Upton, but this hot face/body on your iPhone screen can't really be only 4568 feet away from you. Why not say hi. What's the worst that could happen? No reply, a flat out no, or a date. We're all thinking this, but is the person on the other end in the same mindset. Their profile seemed inviting. And if you're on Grindr, it was a probably a little more than inviting. (Torsos everywhere)

What I've learned from using these apps myself, is that everyone is looking for perfection. The ones that are fairly normal look like the slightly overweight dweeb in your 12:10 class or Maria that dresses like all the other average basic bitches. Since the internet is ruthless, so are our standards. Looking for the perfect hookup or the companion of your dreams, will not come from an app. And since no one wants someone normal, your stuck looking at profiles and getting zero replies. The ones that do say hi aren't the most attractive via the phone (this is like 99% of the time) and we feel pretentious not to even give these people the time of day.

Simple way to fix your lack of getting a hot piece of ass or finding the perfect guy/girl - delete it. Go out there and see these people face to face. Spark up a conversation. Slim pickens, then head to the coffee shop, bar, favorite restaurant, hell - leave town and get out of your comfort zone.

Get uncomfortable. Live a little. If these apps are working out for you, then you really won't need it for too long. If you like to be the guy/girl to screw whatever comes your way, might be time to see your doctor for more reason than just that checkup. The only thing that's happening with these apps, is desensitizing appetite for affection/lust/love. You're already addicted to Facebook, you don't need to be prowling another app all day.

Take this from a guy that just found out about these apps less than a year, it's good to scope out the area, especially when your traveling. But your membership shouldn't be utilized 24/ in your neighborhood or hometown 24/7. First, it's creepy and your just setting yourself up for disappointment. Yelp can tell you what's buzzing and who knows you might find that special someone while your actually being social.

INYWW - I've deleted/deactivated my accounts when in my hometown

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