Relishing In A Dark Moment

The world seems to be doing an about-face on positive energy and instead, feeding everyone fear. This isn't something new. Ever since we've become more a police state to "fight terrorism", it's all about making us feel "safe".

Code words for lock yourself in a hole and hold on to the guns Obama will soon take away.

As a black man in 2015, I admit, I feel anything but safe. I can certainly hold my own, but when the law is not on your side, how can you invoke change. Waiting for world and community leaders is a fallacy that no longer works in the Like/Tweet world. Making a hashtag is not going to stop harassment or the stereotypes people already may have of me. Yes, it brings awareness, but the responsibility still must be with the people in whole. For all those that think that there's no hope for stopping mass incarceration or having the police harass you based on the color of your skin, there are ways to relish in a dark moment.

Educate Yourself

The internet is a beautiful place when you have information at your fingertips. Instead of waiting for the next diss track from Meek Mill, there's a wealth of information just waiting to be read. From the text of the Constitution or learning how to code with Codeacademy, there's more you could do to improve yourself then learning the Sorry dance from the Biebs. I don't think a SnapChat will help you overcome the obstacles of prejudice, but knowing more about history and challenging yourself can do amazing things.

Travel The World

There's a different perspective that can be gained when you leave your comfort zone. With all the bad things happening around the world, it shouldn't deter anyone from actually seeing what there is to offer. I've visited Europe more than a couple of times and it just makes you appreciate home. Going to a foreign country and not taking the tourist route gives you a sense of confidence and the people you meet along the way can be life changing. Start with some place close and relatively cheap. Michigan to Costa Rica is less than $500 bucks. Buying bullshit that will deteriorate over time or an experience of a lifetime?

Apply For A Passport

Open Up

Being emotional is human and no one should feel they can't talk to someone about how they feel. Most of the crazy shit happening in the US are acts performed from people who just gave up. Thinking that they have no one to turn to. There's a lot of things that have caused a generation of young adults to just say fuck it. The kitchen table is no longer a staple in the household, we work too damn much, and we eat shit that makes us sick.

The more people communicate with each other and find out facts rather than what a YouTube response has to say about the problems going on, we could probably move forward a lot. Waiting for lawmakers in a system that moves like molasses to invoke change is just not feasible.

Take same-sex marriage for instance - it took a lot of people to stand up for their rights and push forward no matter the criticism. The more people find a commonality about the way they feel and it can be expressed without prejudice, it will only get easier for taboo to become normal.

This is just my side of things and the ideas that flow in my noggin' for the moment. Overall, my message is to never give in to what's society's normal. First of all, it's boring as fuck. It's better to lead, learn from your mistakes, and stand up for what you believe in.

One voice can make a difference.


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