Live Your Life - If You Haven't Tried Fuck It Do It

The recent changes in life in the past week almost seems dramatic to say the least. I didn't realize that starting to jog/run would become so enjoyable. I have been pulling off about 4 miles every other day as I try to lose the weight that has been around since High School. Everyone sees the commercials of a brand new body with just minutes a day. Fuck them for putting people in that predicament. I recently bumped up my game and starting running 2x day. Now your talking about 8 miles. The weight is starting to go off, but of course it's probably water weight. In the coming weeks, I'll continue to run. My diet already consists of Lean Cuisines, Gatorade, and fruits/veggies.
I've been dealt with another card in the financial department by my employer seeing me as a 'leader'. I usually put stress on myself to make sure things go the correct way at work, but recently I have become calm and collecting. Setting up new initiatives to increase business. I guess that's all it takes. To me it's just the way things are supposed to be done if you want to stay in this Michigan economy. My ultimate goal is to run my own business - but one day at a time grasshopper.
Right now I'm going for my next cash supply - donating plasma. See you on the flip side.

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