United States of Super Size Me

I thought I would take to the blogs about my rants and the over simplification of tough topics that I have seen on my day to days.

So recently, I've been running my ass off trying to finally get rid of this stomach fat that has guarded me since high school. Years of infomercials and diets and trends - all meaningless garbage without taking action. I used to be one of those people that the weight would come off b itself by eating fatty foods, but not on a consistent basis and with a couple of push ups - i'll be a changed man. That leads to the dirty thirty that I just slammed before the football game. It's very easy to see why I was what I was. I didn't learn the purpose of food. Food is here for us to maintain life. Taste of sugar is just so our minds enjoy it more. Over indulgence has led to an epidemic that is in such bad shape that we now have to commercialize being 'healthy'. No celebrity in the world can advertise any type of healthy solution unless they look like the modern day me and you. I know I won't have nice biceps in 30 days - because it's unrealistic. By actually thinking through how long it took your body to get at its current state, it will take twice as long to get that beautiful body back. So for all of my big eaters, beer drinkers, value meal champions - you are what you eat. Change must first start with action.

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