Businesses 1 Human Intelligence 0

The average American's wealth is still much more lucrative than most countries around the globe. Even though we have borrowed so much money from China, Americans still have the desire to spend. Gadgets,computers,iPads, and other technology is there to entice us. The buying power of the American public rules even if we are broke and it's because of the marketing strategies behind the biggest corporations. Intelligence will supersede anyone's perception. Let's take gMail for instance. Google scans your emails not to know you personally, but it can sell you. Your friend said check out these New Nike Air Max's - Google will advertise you to sites that may have some of those shoes for even cheaper. The internet has changed the retail business. We don't want to acknowledge the advertisement we just saw, but it's in the back of our minds. So, the internet shopping gig isn't your thing, you go to the mall to just shop for some new kicks. You remember those shoes you saw online- there right there in front of you and after you would of paid for shipping, it would equal out. The entire social network - from email to Facebook knows that you may buy things online or in a store and with a glimpse of an eye your brain registers advertisements and the almighty dollar when available is easy to give up.

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