America - So Homo

Americans are at odds with the homosexuals that are entering their lives and destroying there families. Or is this just a tall tale made up from the media. Two sides to the story are never told. The only homosexuals that are given any props are the celebrities. It's breaking news that Ricky Martin is gay but there are men and women who have to hide it to serve in our military. But aren't we the ones putting the homosexual tendencies on the map. We want our men to smell good, dress good, clean shave, cook, be sensitive, and fit a women's ideal. Of course men are into each other after giving them the opportunity to explore a side that was once thought to be too soft. We can't have our cake and eat it too. Being a lesbian is sometimes so hot in film but the chick with the short hair must be a dyke on the destructive path of stealing your wife. It's for us to grow up and see that gay people are just normal people that like there own sex's company. That's it - there not here to spread the Devil's HIV or to just find butt sex. As human beings, we should respect one another - we are a long ways from prosperity, but who you have sex with is no one's business.

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