Paying For Cheap Music

Ever since Napster, we have seen the downfall of the record industries earnings due to the fact that jewel cases weren't so cool anymore. The mp3 became the legal issue of a decade and the digitalization begun. Artists rose up and demanded they get paid for the time and effort they put into their music. What digital music has done was give opportunity to striving artists because if your music is really that good, people will buy it. Albums use to come with fillers that made you hit skip on your record player. Now, in 2010, artists are starting to get smart and release singles way before there record hits stores. The truth is - singles make more money. An album must have substance, a story, a meaning and without it you have an act of desperation to become rich of high schoolers singing your cheesy line over and over. Take a look at GaGa - master of disguise. Would you like her if she release Just Dance as an opener to an album that you bought and had tracks not even close to its quality - No. The art of music must come back or the pirates will reign all the land.

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