The Mind's Outburst

So it has been an eventful time for the last couple of days. Coming back from a seldom trip in Washington DC made me realize that such things in life such as freedom are not free at all. The wars that were fought, the people who came before me that were slaves, and the dedication of people who want to change the world. Emotions ran wild as I walked through the National Mall. I have never been so grief-stricken and filled with happiness ever in my life. It makes me feel very fortunate to experience such a feeling while others around my age have no clue about American History and the fact that they can buy cool products and follow celebrities every move is the meaning of the American Dream.

Getting away from the depressive atmosphere of Michigan also makes me realize there is more out there. Opportunity is all around us and even though money is not readily available like it once was, I can innovate and create in order to move up in a world that is so small and fast paced. Global markets tumbling is the perfect time to enter entrepreneurship and gain capitol for the years ahead. Fear holds me back from so many things I would like to do. Putting that aside proves to be difficult, but if you can not hold your own, then do you watch life pass you by?

Recently the goals that I have placed on myself seem to be way too far fetched that I'm starting to believe that pressure and stress have no place in my life especially at this age of confusion and growth into adulthood. A 9-5 does not interest me at all. So is college the right avenue. Of course our parents tell us to go to school, get a good job, buy a house, have kids, and live happily ever after. I in no way want to be normal. I want to experience different cultures, I want to argue about sore subjects, I want to adopt a kid in need. It's hard to believe that five years have past since graduating high school and here I am working in retail and enrolled in a community college. Every new task almost brings me to my knees in thinking I can not accomplish simple tasks. A fresh outlook for the day ahead when I wake up everyday is probably the best way to keep sane. Already at 23, the bill collectors attack my iPhone, the wage garnishments kill my hard work, and the anti-social dilemma because more work less play consumes my days. I just feel that I am the only one in this predicament and a Nigerian household that I was born into does not allow feelings like this to be expressed. Putting these words for the public to see is probably not the best idea but well see what comes of it...

Well - I think this is where I put this to a close for now and go out in the world and do something.

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