The Unknown Truth

Today was kind of strange. Things went as they always do until I looked at the typical consumer and thought to myself, 'Do they realize the system controls there buying power?'. Some people may not comprehend this at all, but do you ever think we were just born cynical in this society. Unless things are going people's way all the time, they feel they are owed something.
The worst belongs to the kids born into all of this social and technological driven state of mind. All of this want and greed is what brought us to this economical turmoil we are all in now. It's very easy to take for granted living in the SuperPower that is America. Not really sure I can really put this into words, but if we looked at ourselves in the mirror and actually began to look at our imperfections emotionally, would we realize that we are the problem in the first place? It's a toss up, but I really feel this life was not meant for control under someone else's thumb. I'm not calling for the elimination of government or anything, but the people have lost control of what matters the most - being true to themselves without influence from another.

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