The Death of Cable TV

When the biggest monopolized TV company sold themselves to Lebron this past weekend, we all witnessed the end of television. ESPN has now become the CNN of sports and that's not a good thing, especially when you look at how far CNN is falling right now. Television has been infested with the same facts being reworded every five minutes and reality TV on every channel to get ratings from the middle America family. The best bet nowadays is to use the Internet to find interesting TV shows or ditch cable for good and just use the Web.

Google TV, Apple TV, Hulu, and other online TV markets are trying to get the connection from Internet to TV right, but it has certainly taken a long time for this too happen. It all comes down to ratings and MONEY. Even though we all hate commercials, it is the essential part of paying for the programming we watch. Your cable bill increases as the decline in viewership penalizes you, the loyal customer.

Keep in mind that all this is entertainment and should no way consume your daily life even if Justin Beiber special on E! is only showing 1x this week and you don't have DVR/Tivo.

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