New Music Circulating The Web

So yesterday, I decided to get me some new music via the interenets. Since mainstream is so blah nowadays. Check out these artists for a new perspective of the music scene.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs.
I'm still listening to this album, but so far loving the vibe on this one.

Cage The Elephant

I heard "In One Ear" last year as a free song on iTunes, now the band is eing established in the Alternative Rock genre. It's just music to me. Check out their original video for "In One Ear" - before the music execs redid the video.

Kimbra - Settle Down
This song caught me by suprise with the music video. Not really sure I can categorize this one, but it's quite refreshing. Check out her video for Settle Down.

The Dirty Heads
The cool flow with the Sublime-esque sound was intriguing since a Sublime member is laying down some vocals. Worth a listen to. Might even put on repeat.

If you have any other music suggestions - don't hesitate to leave some comments.

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