Day 3: Roam in Rome

Woke up to the streets of the city. Horns, vespas, and people. Started to get myself ready to jet out since I went pass the lock out date for the Hostel. I just wanted to get out there and explore and not be the lazy American that goes abroad but wants to still be Americanized. No iPod, no computer, no backpack - just I. Proceeded to go to St. Peters Square. The awe of seeing this building is kind of surreal to witness. The pope wasn't there, but I heard he left shorty after my arriving. Poop. Well I begin to play with my camera and take some pretty awesome shots of what I was seeing. There was even a marriage that just took place by several couples.

After witnessing that part of my day and skipping the line to actually go inside. I proceeded to go adventure around the city. This led to me getting lost for several hours. I did get to see the city in its natural form without all the tourists attractions. Political posters, people in the park, kids at school, and the craziest driving that would make an ELPD officer in the states lose his fucking mind with the amount of tickets that would be given out.

I finally saw the top of St. Peters Basilica and started to find a road that would take me back into town. Hours later and my legs needing rest and my stomach needing much food after sweating out any ounce of water left in me, I was supposed to go meet up with Colin, but I had no clue where to meet him. Took a glance at the map in my back left pocket and wondered what else could I see in my time here. How bout that building with ruins and broken concrete - The Colosseum. Granted only taking the metro once, I found out how to get there after about 20 minutes going from train to train. Out from the train there it was.The Colosseum . A guy offered me a ticket not to wait in line with a tour guide to two locations for 15 Euro. Good enough. My camera was ready for action. Listened to jokes and stories as I took in he history of Rome. Walked a bit further to more ruins and an old castle point. So much to learn from the people of Rome. Wedding Agreements started here. The toilet, filtration of water so people wouldn't die from plague, concrete, architecture. Madness. After taking that in for a while and filtering all the good stuff with pictures in my head and now on my camera - got my self a beer and started walking to the Roma Capital. Guards and gates in front of this beautiful building (pictures coming soon on FB). So much beauty both in buildings and in people ( Especially Italian women - muahh).

Back to the hostel to get cleaned up and get ready for the night was so relaxing and great to have a nice warm shower after sweating profusely for 2 days straight. Just took the metro to Colin's apartment. There's open bar tonight at G bar. Let's see what happens. Tomorrow is going to be filled with some goodbyes and the madness of Mr. Rager will continue in Oktoberfest.


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