Day 4: Becoming

Off my rocker this morning. Went all crazy last night at G bar. Didn't get crazy like throwing up after dinner in an ally where tons of people were (Locke). Just a bit crazy to dance in a bar fit for 10 people. I just woke up literally like 5 minutes ago and I thought I had to leave ASAP. little did I know inlaid for Thursday as well even though I'm leaving at 8 pm for Germany - Where's my passport and my money cause all I seem to have is clothing. The noise from this busy Rome street of ottaviano is making me want to get out there and visit some more cool shit. I have to shower then brush up. Coffee sounds good so does pizza and I want to feel like I'm in a mob today. So eating outside people watching eating pasta with some wine sounds fab. This hostel I'm in right now is making me kinda feel home-y. More laying down for just a few moments more. Should I call my parents that I haven't seen in ages from Germany. Think that shit would be hilarious.

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