Review: I Am Not A Human Being

So Lil Wayne's new LP I Am Not A Human Being has the Internet before hitting the streets. The album was originally slated to just be an EP, but seems like Cash Money Records wanted to give Lil Wayne fans more while the battled rap superstar is still locked up beind bars at Rikers Island. The opening track Gonorrhea brings synth beats to Wayne's ever distinct flow about how he represents better than everyone in the game. Drake also makes appearences all over the LP. Other featured artsists make the album fill like a fill in more than an album. Recylcing of bars from the Carter III and Rebirth are heard throughout many tracks. Kane Beatz produced the first single Right Above It which gives us the best from Wayne and the ever evolving Drake. Wayne leaves us with his signature hook with lyrics to make us step back and take a second listen. The title track I Am Not A Human Being is a rock-rap track that could of been the left overs from Rebirth. For a signature track, there was no true Wayne behind the making of this track. Keeping it dull and boring for a single that should have made the album a classic. I felt like this album was more of a dissapointing release since we all know Wayne did not give this album his final touches. More like record executives trying to give a hold over so Wayne will not be missed. It probably would have been better to let the beat build until Wayne's release.The album does deserve it's due in respect to giving true Wayne fans something to drool over.


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