rOktoberfest: Day IIII

Now I had to find my way with Colin back to his place with the Metro closed and the bus system on a totally different schedule compared to the morning. I got to see some Rome monuments in the silence of the streets of Rome. About 2 ½ hours we finally made it to his place where he grabbed my laptop and my extra bag so I could get to the airport. Didn’t really get to say thanks and the goodbye like I wanted to, but I know he appreciated me coming out there to hang out with him. He gave me 20 euro which was a life saver. I waited at the bus stop for about ½ hour and was off to Paz Giavanni in Centro Rome. Got on another bus to Termini station. I was going to wait in the front till the doors opened, but I would of missed my flight. I saw a group of people waling to the other side of the building. I proceeded to follow without being stalkerish. There was a shuttle that went to the airport for about 8 euro instead of taking the Termini for 14 euro. Made it to the airport less than half hour before my flight, checked in my bag, and was running to my gate as boarding was almost complete. Got off to Amsterdam for my connecting flight to Detroit/Lansing where I got some sleep in on a 2-hour flight. The plane to Detroit is halfway there and back to the good ol US for more work and school.

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