Political Rebellion

We are about to entire a lame duck session of Obama's presidency with huge riffs between the Democrats and Republicans. It's sometimes hard to keep away from politics until a huge election comes around, but it recent months I have began to take a look deeper at what our country is going through and it's frightening. Political figures taking their own sides and forgetting who gave them the power - the people. I could go ahead and bash each side for their parts in the decline of the American society, but let's look towards a more positive outlook.

Politics is starting to become more of a landscape for social issues which America has such a hard time with. Gay rights, civil rights, marijuana, illegal immigrants, global warming, nuclear arms just to name a few. More groups are beginning to uncover the lies that politicians have fed us and make them available to the public on the internet. This is giving the people a chance to feed themselves information and make what they want from it. The Internet is still a bed of corruption and shitty journalism, but when facts tied with dates and proof emerge, the true side of politicians come out.

Let's take the Tea Party movement. While some are radical, there are those who have some different proposals of how to change how we govern. This may looked at as insane or stupid, but it's a change that may come with some sacrifice. No matter who you point the blame to, we are a collective body and it is our own fault for not giving our vote to someone that will truly represent us. Inquiring about policies, reading the newspaper, researching the history of politicians is what makes for a better polarizing figure to be elected. Just look at 2008.

We gave President Obama the chance to take government by the reigns and invoke change, but as we have seen, it's not easy. His policies have been lackluster or completely different, but change with economic setbacks is clearly ahead of us and needs to be welcomed at some point.Laying a foundation is only part one of the democratic process. No matter what party you truly stand for or against, make the conversation an intelligent one with those around you and you will find that we are not so different. We may not agree on the direction to take, but we can help each other reach the ultimate goal whatever it may be. Depending on the process to work itself, will only bring more letdowns - be the change.

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