Fame For Ignorance

In today's society of being 'first', we have forgotten what it is to be respectful. We overlook the importance of truth just to gain notoriety of the one who made the most blasphemous claims. I read two articles today of two people in need of assistance, but people decided to post/tweet before assisting.

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was at USC for a presentation when he collapsed in mid-sentence. None of the students rushed up to help the guy, but just pulled out their phones and started taking pictures and tweeting. What the fuck? Is relaying information on the internet more important than human well being. Bill Nye was OK, but what if he wasn't? Do we wait till death before helping him out.

Another story that the media decided to ignore, was the death of a YouTube star Messy Mya. After leaving his girlfriend's baby shower, located in the 7th Ward in New Orleans, he was shot to death and left for dead. What happens next is appalling. Witnesses proceed to send pictures of his final moments across the internet and Twitter. No one checked to see if he still was breathing, no one proceeded to call 911 first, but wanted to be the first to report his death.

15 minutes huh? At what price is it enough. It started with texting, then social media, now actual reality. When will we give a fuck about anything other than just ourselves?

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