I Gotta Feeling (Woo Hoo)

The new year has rung in and there hasn't been a post by yours truly. Well my head has been racing lately and filled with thoughts of 'What's Next'. I really don't even know how to answer that question.

The days have started to become longer and the thought process has become sharper. But where are all the accomplishments that all my friends have around me have been having. My best friend is getting married, more friends are graduating, and some have gotten stellar jobs. As I look towards another semester of possibly sitting out due to other financial obligations, how will I ever escape the retail world of selling useless shit and actually finishing my Bachelors? The answer is simple - work at it. Even if I don't finish this year or the next as long as I work at it and come out of all this an accomplished graduate with the brain of Einstein, I will be happy.

I have begun to look at those who walk among me and take their faults and turn them into positives for my own life. The vices that I have used to have fun all these years were given up with a simple New Year's Resolution. It's usually easy to give up on those resolutions, but by staying true to them you develop character and mature as a human being. We don't NEED drugs to move on day to day, we don't NEED alcohol, we don't NEED money. These things are part of the system that we as humans have created. Going back to the necessities factor could solve so many of our problems, but egos and selfishness get in the way.

This year, I still walk in it with debt, probation, and a broken family, but there is still a feeling of happiness and that this might actually be the year of the Chude. Things are finally going to change and the plagues of the past will finally be washed away by the cure of knowledge and hard work.

In 2011, a new website will be emerging geared toward students, another towards giving people more knowledge on understanding and fixing computers, and the development of my own apps for my future iPad purchase. The plate is just a tad full and do I have to eat it all? Not necessarily, but I'm going to try for my own sake. If you don't have a stake in Chude Inc., get at me cause in the coming months, things will finally start getting interesting. Stay tuned for more new artists, new fashion, more pictures of my day to day - just more ©urtis. If you read this from time to time, thank you and don't hesitate to share with your friends.

Happy New Year World!

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  1. Dude I feel like I am looking in a mirror