The Grammy's & The Death of Music

The Grammy's used to be a spectacle with new , invigorating, and daring artists being recognized for the music that made the world move or cry. This was before the internet and the piracy (freedom) that was Napster. The music industry is no longer counted by the amount of physical albums but by the rankings of Billboard and iTunes. Without the backing of big record executives - what happens to the little guy that has powerful music locally?

Seems like it takes years for that low cycling single to even make it's way up the charts. The introduction of iTunes has helped in a bit to recognize some truly talented artists, but their recognition is left by supporters at a local concert hall. Of course, by becoming 'big' you are quickly criticized and looked at as being a sellout.

Music used to be about the lyrics, the natural production, and the passion of the artists. I feel that the Grammy's is now awarding the popular singles that pushed Pop Radio and the selling of singles. Not albums. Creating the album is the heart of that single, but since the financially crippled billion dollar music industry can't get enough, music has now become disposable.

I can see why Simon Cowell has moved out of American Idol since there is no longer longevity in the stars it produces.  Finding local music and building it's fan base needs to be the focus of all the striving artists out there. Anyone of us can't grab a Macbook, add a vocalizer, and repeat words over and over, but the fame is based on lack of effort. Emotionless music I guess has it's space in the new generation of Pop, but the Grammy's should go back to being about the music and less about record breaking spins a song has on dying Pop radio.


  1. There is still great music out there, you just won't find it in a multimillion dollar production. I think this way of selling out will produce a greater underground music scene that won't cost $100+ per ticket at a concert. In the 70s people used to go to concerts for almost nothing. The music boom of the last 30 years has imploded on itself, just like the economy. Lets hope that it rebuilds itself on art again!

  2. Simon Cowell left to bring his show to America. Obviously he thinks there are stars out there. He can't do American x factor and idol though, you don't see Ryan Seacrest doing anything else with his life. Dude works 4hrs a week.

    What if Charlie Sheen not only starred in 2.5 men, but also in modern family. The only other show he will be on at the same time as Men is Celeb Rehab.

    Thatd be like lindsay lohan being on Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

    Thatd be like Peter Griffin on the Cleveland show.

    Like Natalie Portman being in 4 movies out in theaters at the same time

    Like Joe Buck announcing the world series and the super bowl

    I rest my case.