Are We Limitless?

Went and checked out the new movie Limitless last week and started to make me wonder, without the drugs, is it possible to just become almost damn near immortal. Our brains are filled with millions of images and thoughts from the moment we first started recognizing shapes and objects. Actually stopping for a moment and thinking back to when you were an infant, you might find yourself starting to think 'harder' and almost into a daydream of flashbacks. Take that thought process and put it into consideration when you do, let's say a research paper, unlocks a lot of nonsense that can be filtered out into a great way to make your findings very interesting when combined with facts.
Most of us are bound by the abilities that we were born with, but all of us are unique and have a craft in which we excel in. Taking the process of how you master your craft and using it to do something you dislike leaves a very surprising outcome. Taking the time to actually do things and master it is just one of life's quests. I found myself this morning reading a manual, but skimming and then just becoming tired of it, but taking the will to put forth the same effort as I do on fixing computers and getting hands-on makes the world of a difference. Do I think I'm smarter than most? Yes. Am I a procrastinator in acting on most ideas? Unfortunately, Yes. But 2011, is among us a new day, a new year, and a world waiting for change in all aspects (the same bullshit we'll all be saying in 2012). Giving this new epiphany of how my own mind works, why not share it with others (or whoever actually is reading my head) and see what they come up with. A master of all trades - that sounds exciting.

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