Hey East Lansing, What Up Dawg?

So were you looking for a Chicago style hot dog with a draft beer to pour it down? You won't have to go too far to find it if you live in East Lansing. The new hot dog tavern What Up Dawg? has already became talk of the town in the few weeks it's been opened. Regulars come in to the diner inspired design to be greeted by a lovely young lady and a cook that makes your order fresh for your delight.

I recently have fell in love with this place and their menu of sweet concoctions to make your taste buds yearn for more. My first impression was love at first bite. The bratwurst, Italian sausage, hot sausage, and the vienna were just a few of my favorites up until The Challenge.

Given 20 minutes to finish 9 of their signature dawgs sounded like a cakewalk, so I decided to come in starving and give it a go. A little over 18 minutes and my jaw almost locking up after chewing veggies, meat, and cheese, i reigned the first champion of the What Up Dawg Challenge.

Since street vendors of New York and Chicago can't set up shop outside of Rick's after one too many, head over to What Up Dawg?. You won't be sorry.

What Up Dawg?
Restaurant and Tavern
317 M.A.C Avenue
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
(517) 351-DAWG

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