Celebrating Death of Evil

So as most of you have heard or saw on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, Osama Bin Laden has been killed. This news was thought to never come in our lifetime or Osama would have just died and we would never hear of it. It came to me as a shock that we actually found this guy in the place where people have suspected all long, Pakistan. As the news quickly spread across the United States, the number of young people gathering the streets of Washington D.C. to New York became a sight of jubilee and patriotism.
Seeing young people react with such joy and singing our National Anthem so off key was like watching the history books being written in front of my eyes.

The following day, the media now starts to over analyze like they do with every hot topic and the scrutiny began towards college campuses and the youth that paraded the streets the night before. They questioned our theory of how we thought gas would go down rapidly and the war in Afghanistan was now over. We may be a little slow, but people in my age group are realists. We would love for gas to go down and for our troops to come home asap, but this is America were talking about.

Things will surely take time as we now reevaluate our overall mission in the Middle East. We must congratulate President Obama for going after such a task in his 1st term. The skeptics will come out, but America - We Did It. Let's show the next group of terrorists that we are not messing around and that no matter how long it takes, we will prevail and justice will be served.

President Obama might look like a shoe in for 2012 elections now the death of Al Qaeda could be unfolding, but before bin Laden - who on the GOP was worth the nomination? Donald Trump? Blasphemy. Let's put politics aside and just take in this moment of being an American and continue or mission for freedom. Not freedom for the Middle East, but for our own people. There is a lot going on here in the States, so a first glimpse at us finally closing the chapter on two useless wars is a cause for a celebration.

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