Evening At A Gay Nightclub

The absence of alcohol and not going out every other night to get plastered and look for a hot girl to take home and have fun with has been an experience in itself. Seeing how those around you act when they get a little buzz in them in highly ammusing.

So it's been almost 6 months since I've decided to stop drinking cold turkey and turn my attention to books, my health, and trying to learn just who I am. With this social experiment, I have to force myself to still have a social life in a college town so I don't go crazy. Let me tell you that the nightlife in East Lansing/Lansing is dull and almost feels like it's slowly dying. So I decided to shake things up a bit.

I hit up Spiral, a gay nightclub in the heart of Lansing's Old Town with a colleague from work. Never been to a gay club, but I have been told they know how to party. So why not? Of all nights to go, I end up there when there is a Britney Spears' album release party. The music was definitely pulsating to say the least. Added with a light show on the dance floor that would cause a seizure if looked at too closely. I was definitely taken away by how nice everyone was and not hitting on me like most heterosexual men would think gay guys do They actually were trying to help me find straight women that I guess stuck out like a sore thumb. Ended up being a really good time. I'm the guy you see having a drink near the bar or just off the side of the dance floor that's a little hesitant of busting a move, so going out of my comfort zone was weird, but fun. I think Spiral is a place to just be free and have fun. Seems like no one really gives a fuck if you make a fool of yourself, are in a frat, or your straight. The perceptions of the gay community I had are out the window.

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