Electronic Take Over

Couple weeks back I had the opportunity to catch some awesome shows from some of the top DJ's in the country. Pretty awesome experiences and has made me think dancing should be made a law. Could solve the Middle East crisis.

  • Bassnectar - Kalamazoo, MI
  • Girl Talk - Rochester, MI
  • Wolfgang Gartner - Ann Arbor, MI

First off, Bassnectar was one of the best concerts of my life. Felt like I was in a giant club in New York. Everyone is sweating, enjoying the music, and  for those on drugs, fucking their girl friend on the general admission barricade to the stage. Classy.

Girl Talk
Girl Talk was just a huge party. Tee Peeing the crowd, confetti, balloons, crazy light show, and your favorite songs mashed up. What else can I see but awesome. If this guy ever comes to your town, it is a must see. It's like being at a very large campus party thrown by a Gatsby-like student; no care for the expense.

Wolfgang Gartner
Wolfgang Gartner reminded me of a lot of a house DJ that just knows how to control the crowd. This show was late to get going, but once Wolfgang hit the stage and started playing some tracks, I just danced the night away with my group of MSU friends and had no care in the world for about 4 hours. For being in a small setting, it made for a more lively experience. Rocked on the other stage for a while just dancing away. Kids on ecstasy right next to me staring at glow sticks was kind of weird.

I would recommend you check out all these artists if your a fan of electronic music.

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