Pipe Dream Millionaire

It's easy to say that we want to be loaded, buy nice cars, and travel the world with sexy women. Is this really realistic and how much hard work really goes into becoming a millionaire.

It's interesting to see names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to rule the tech industry without the help of higher education, but a dream and determination. Sometimes I think if I quit my job and have my balls to the wall that I could be more motivated to seek true dominance in my visionary tech world I always imagine in my day dreams.

Wouldn't it be cool to really go paperless, devalue the retail idiots, and get products from the source. We really haven't captivated the human brain and the possibilities it could bring a world still dependent on oil and not natural resources. Sure going green is cool, but we can figure out how to go green and preserve what we have without waiting until it's gone.

Now, can I just quit my job and start on this journey of going from the bottom all the way to the top in the matter of a couple months. The answer is no, unless I won the lotto. I hear these pipe dreams of this immature adults in a fantasy world full of riches, drugs, and hot people all around them. Just because we hate the way our life is going, the power to change it is all up to us. That means hard work.

I personally think the last 5 years of my life have been hell, but now the sunshine is peeking out and people are giving me a chance to even further prove myself - why stay in the slump? In a couple of years, I want to have my bachelors degree, my own business, and traveling oversees to learn about the world's new economy. America is still dominant and will be for years to come, but why not capitalize on the growth of Asia and the future of Africa. It's a small world and I want to rule it.

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