Growing Resilient In A Beautiful World

The world has given us an abundance of resources to help our daily lives prove to be worth while in our days to seek prosperity. Attempting to understand why some have it better than others is probably an answer we will never come to understand. Is it only that money, corruption, and greed stand in the way for all to enjoy the joys most get to wake up to everyday.

As America hopes for the days to have cash at hand to pay their mortgages, another country fights for freedom. A democratic nation can spring up anytime it pleases, but what they do with that power is a whole different scenario. That will to live is what is missing from life. Forgetting that possessions make the person and back to the basics of knowing tomorrow may never come, so I must cherish this day.

I'm beginning to make light of the pressures of life and to remember that what I'm striving for is not too far away. Happiness can grow with each lesson learned from life. What you may think makes you happy is just a fantasy because no object should make you happy. Changing life's direction may be difficult, but if it gets you closer to where you want to be, it's worth it.

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