The purpose of life can change at any moment's notice. Never knowing what tomorrow may bring or what you may discover about the world makes life worth while. Escaping the ideal rhetoric is what most of us need or more like a kick in the ass.

Deepening ourselves in our own pity is selfish. Since when is eating yourself to death a disease or selling yourself for a shot of fame make you a celebrity. Utter nonsense is what young kids now want to proclaim as their life goal. It was once a dream of mine to be the president of the united states, but now kids want to be stars in hopes that they too can have all life's desires with Benjamin Franklins.

The depths of hate have also reemerged in the days of a 1/2 Black 1/2 White president. More so amongst black people. Why give your own race the benefit of the doubt when they can't get it together amongst themselves. Driving the welfare state of our Union sky-high with no end is sight because the eyes are not opened wide enough to dig deep out of the darkness to a prosperous place. It is not the majority race that has divided this country of ours, it is those who look like yourself. By keep looking backwards, we will never move forward.

I would like for all of us to get reengaged in the forum of humanity. Trying to look at how we are going to live long enough to help each other rebuild a torn spirt. Money is not the only way to fix these difficult times. If we look back in the time, we will come to find out it was hard work that built great societies, masterpieces, and legacies for the future to learn from. There is no better time than now.

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