Who created this sour puss and will the real Curtis Chude please stand up?
The times where partying was an anthem and procrastination was a god given gift seems like so long ago, but while age brings maturity and life's challenges bring great responsibility that is no reason to give up who you are.
For me the drawback in knocking back a 24 pack and tripping balls is a sentiment to the bad experiences I have seen others fall down from. It is very challenging to reside in a town full of shrewd ignorance and adolescent behavior and resist the temptation to follow the crowd. Life at it's current chapter can no longer live day to day wonder what if. Preparation for the soon to be mid life crisis is something I wish everyone around me understood.

We are no longer living in an America when the American Dream can come true for the vast majority of the middle class. If you want to party your way to the grave, start saving all your energy now. I dream of being the poster child for a debt free post Baby-Boomer party animal. In due time will I be able to scour the earth of my humanitarian efforts while jamming out to top 40 on my solar powered iPod.

I might not be in the most happiest time of my life, but trust me I'm just preparing myself for what adulthood should be - THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

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